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Natureta is a line of traditional high-quality food products from the Slovenian company ETA; it combines the traditions of a family enterprise and the latest quality standards. The production plant is located in the environmentally clean region of Slovenia, known for its fruitful lands between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. The genuineness of the companys products is emphasized by the name of the line, Natureta - nature + ETA, the name of the company. Every Natureta product has a natural origin, quality, and traditions.

Investing in knowledge and environmentally friendly technologies, ETA is establishing new standards in the processed fruits and vegetables market. ETA believes in innovative solutions that are oriented toward consumers.

Natureta offers consumers the chance to enjoy carefully selected, affordable, and quality foodstuffs without artificial colorings, preservatives, or other additives that might pose a health risk.

Strict adherence to the HACCP system and the International Food Standard (IFS) requirements ensures the high quality of Natureta products.