Rio mare

GEA was created as a craft oil mill in 1904 in the small town of Bystrica, Slovenia. Thanks to its location in an environmentally friendly region of Europe, in close proximity to two beautiful lakes, Bohinj and Bled, and close to Mount Triglav, the highest peak of the Julian Alps, the company is able to prepare truly natural foodstuffs.

Currently, GEA is a recognized European producer of vegetable oils, certified in accordance with IFS (International Food Standard), HACCP and ISO 14001.

GEA oils allow peoples basic life needs for vegetable fats to be met and provide consumers with tasty and useful, environmentally friendly products.

The basic characteristics of GEAs food oils are as follows:

  • they have a favorable composition of fatty acids that are indispensable for the body.
  • they contain a large number of useful vitamins and trace elements.
  • they are useful in a variety of ways.